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Business Loans

We arrange a myriad of funding vehicles for businesses. When we sit with individual business owners, because of our private banking approach to client relations, every client receives customized options to their business objectives we are also able to solve multiple business objectives well beyond the scope of a traditional firm.

Business Loan Types:

  • Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Program designed to give your business immediate access to cash. OCL team works with your business to provide better cash flow solutions with (FFR) Flexible Funding Requirements. Benefits can give you the ability to make payroll, pay off bills, purchase more inventory, increase sales, take advantage of supplier discounts and even add staff. Recourse or non-recourse available. Options up to 95%
  • Asset Based Lending Loan
  • Asset-based loans can be from your accounts receivables, inventory, machinery and equipment. This solution provides fast, flexible and cost-effective sense. Can be based on a line of credit or term loans. Most products are based on prime plus lender margin. Typically can advance up to 85%. Quick turn around times.
  • Traditional Factoring
  • Factoring allows a company to outsource a wide range of credit and financial functions at no additional cost above the factor’s basic fees. At the same time, the client maintains complete control of the business, utilizing the factor’s staff to maximize the productivity of its employees, thereby increasing profits and enhancing overall growth. Start ups to $100 million, domestic factoring, export/import factoring, non-recourse/off-balance sheet. Financing can be arranged by advances against Accounts Receivable, inventory financing, machinery & equipment financing, international letters of credit and Tri-Party Supplier Finance. Services can include customer investigation and approval, credit protection against bad debts, Accounts Receivable bookkeeping, Customer collections, Cash management, Sophisticated web-based reporting. Clients and industries served can be any company selling a product or performing a service on short-term open credit. Fast closings within 2 weeks.
  • Bridge Loan
  • Bridge loan programs provide high-leverage, floating rate first mortgage financing for commercial real estate. Can be used on virtually any “value add” opportunities including multifamily, anchored retail, multi-tenant industrial, multi-tenant office, hotel and manufactured housing. Acquisition, development or rehabilitation financing for traditional assets with upside potential. Existing properties work as well. High LTV bridge loans can provide up to 90% LTV or even 90% LTC. DSCR can be 1.0 or even lower and rates can be based on a 1-month Libor + bps or Prime + Margin.
  • Business Credit Card
  • Business credit cards help to separate and control your business expenses. There are many cards that feature low rates, convenient account access and variety of account services.
  • Equipment Financing Loan
  • An equipment loan gives business owners the opportunity to finance the purchase of new or used equipment. Can be used to purchase manufacturing, printing or even distribution equipment. It also can include heavy-duty trucks, computers, machine tools and aircraft. Finance options provide up to 100% of the purchase price. Speak to your OCL advisor for requirements to obtain financing.
  • Franchise Loan
  • Franchise loans provides financing to national and selected regional concepts such as fast food and casual dining businesses with proven track records. OCL also actively seeks out non-food related franchises as well. OCL franchise financing experts take the time to understand what makes your particular franchise concept unique. Experience with customers from a variety of different franchise industries has allowed us to understand and appreciate culture and values that can determine the success of your business.
  • Hard Money
  • Hard money loans or “hard equity” are finance options when traditional finance options would not work. These loans are Non-institutional private money loans that are primarily real estate asset based or short-term “bridge” loans. Most property types can be considered from raw land, vacant buildings, restaurants, medical, retail, mixed use, office and even mobile home parks. These loans can be used for a “quick fix” for interim financing when time is of the essence. Rates often start at 12% with negotiable points.
  • Inventory Financing Loan
  • Inventory financing is important for business owners. Nothing is more important than the relationship between manufacturers and distribution channel customers. Nothing is more vital to that relationship than ready capital. Inventory financing provides features such as flexible revolving lines of credit for distributors and dealers. Exclusive and non-exclusive manufacturer inventory finance programs. Interest-free periods sponsored by participating manufacturers.
  • Factoring Invoice
  • Companies choose receivables financing for a lot of good reasons. This is for companies that are going through periods of rapid growth that outpace resources, slow payment from debtors, unmet start-up company projections, concentration limits that suddenly cause an existing lender to shy away from continuing to finance your business. Whatever the reason may be, companies all enjoy one common benefit which is enhanced cash flow. This is because factoring allows you to sell your invoices in exchange for immediate funds. Finance options up to 95% and up to $100 million.
  • Line of Credit under $50k
  • These are business lines of credit unsecured that provides business owners fast easy access to funds whenever needed. They also provide the option to secure a lower rate by using your investments as collateral. These credit lines can be used for improving cash flow, funding payroll, seasonal working capital, refinancing debt, purchasing inventory and materials or even emergency funds. Rates are based on prime plus lender margin. Often times these lines can be provided without proof of income or assets. Speak to your OCL advisor for more information.
  • Line of Credit over $50k
  • These are lines of credit that can be structured as warehouse lines that give the utmost flexibility for enhancing your lending capacity. If your business is in need of $100 million dollars or more to take advantage of acquisition opportunities and implement growth strategies, this can be one of the best options for you. These lines can be based on either Libor or Prime plus lender margin.
  • Retail/Merchant Cash Advance
  • This is a financing alternative available to business owners which funds against all future credit card sales. Your cash advance is based on future anticipated credit card processing volume. There are no fixed monthly payments. A portion of your monthly credit card transactions is deducted until your advance is paid back. Funds are usually available within a week or less.
  • Term Loan
  • As your business grows, term loans may provide the answer. They give you access to mid or long-term business financing to purchase equipment, buy a new building, acquire a new company, or otherwise expand operations. Finance options can be fixed rate terms offering an unchanging interest rate for the life of the loan making it easy to budget with the same predictable payments over the life of the loan. Adjustable rate options allow business owners to take advantage of lower short-term interest rates but adjusts periodically as rates shift.



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