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Development Consulting

OCL can also provide advice and consulting services at the pre-development stage. From helping to assess the viability of a project to assisting the Developer in filling critical roles in the development team, OCL allows the smaller-scale development team to leverage their resources. In addition, for a promising project, we can help to bring a Developer together with suitable equity participants and/or joint venture partners when needed.

We are client services based and can tailor our services to requested needs. Our strengths are in the following areas:

• Market Plans (and project marketing)
• Property analysis and valuation
• Business Plan and analysis
• Financial Analysis
• Site search and acquisition
• CMBS Loan Underwriting / restructuring / modifications

 We also have been involved in acquiring, planning and managing development for apartments, condominiums, office, retail projects self storage and residential properties. Services have included:

• Land purchase - selection and purchase negotiation
• Selecting professionals for design and governmental approvals
• Site Plan alternatives and discussions with municipalities
• Examining design and construction alternatives
• Scheduling
• Tenant Negotiations

Additionally, we have helped workout troubled projects for lenders and owners of all types.

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