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Placement Agent Advisor

Placement is a means by which a business owner can access the private capital markets through the arrangement of funds in the form of senior debt, subordinated/mezzanine debt, or equity capital. OCL advises privately-held business owners national and international to raise capital for an array of purposes including acquisitions, planned expansions, funding business operations, restructurings or recapitalizations, owner transitions and other strategic reasons. We use our experience, creativity, and responsiveness to assist middle market business owners with debt, mezzanine, and equity capital.


OCL is a superior financial and placement agent advisor due to our focus on real estate capital formation, knowledge of the real estate industry, institutional investor, consultant and industry relationships and our database of more than 2000 investors worldwide. Over the years, OCL has developed an extensive network of institutional and individual investors that provide all levels of capital for companies at various stages of development. Our expertise and experience allows us to arrange attractive capital structure for our clients. The development of this capital structure may involve the use of debt instruments, equity instruments, or a combination of diverse forms of debt and equity capital.


Our advisory services include:


  • Analysis of business capital structure alternatives
  • Analysis of business debt capacity
  • Assessment of the achievability of our client’s financing objectives or requirements;
  • Propose the most advantageous capital structure in order to achieve our client’s objectives
  • Breakdown of the cost of capital associated with each level of the capital structure
  • Recognizing potential financing sources and investors
  • Preparation and distribution of the financing memorandum
  • Negotiation and arrangement of price, terms, and conditions


List of Capital Providers:


  • Institutional
  • Opportunity Funds
  • REITs
  • Buyout Equity Providers
  • Distressed Asset Funds
  • Fund of Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • Secondary Market Funds
  • Venture Capital

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